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Pressco views quality as much more than a simple target; in fact, it has become the underlying theme in the development and optimisation of our production processes.

And here we and Caleffi are very much alike: the choice of suppliers and incoming materials, constant dialogue throughout the partnership, are an integral part of the work flow that produces excellent end results.

The concept of quality can be felt everywhere at Pressco: all phases of the production process are controlled not only by the control team but by involving all our production staff.

Control reports may be produced on request thanks also to the 3D control machines in the quality department, and if the Customer so requests we can provide material traceability reports in compliance with UNI EN 10204.
Materials analyses are carried out using the mass spectrometer facilities available in the companies of the group.
In any case, prior to delivery to the customer, further checks are carried out in line with the established sampling plans compliant to UNI-ISO 2859.

Pressco - Product Quality

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